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Aquaponic farming - raising fish and vegetables together commercially - is the most promising innovation for a sustainable, profitable, localized food system. Until now, systems have largely focused on warm-water fish such as tilapia. A lack of reliable information for raising fish and vegetables in the cool climates of North America and Europe has been a major stumbling block.

The Aquaponic Farmer is the game changer.

Built around a proven 120’ greenhouse system operable by one person, the book distills vast experience and complete step-by-step guidance for starting and running a cold-water aquaponics business.

As the only comprehensive commercial cold-water resource, The Aquaponic Farmer is essential for farmers contemplating the aquaponics market, aquaponic gardeners looking to go commercial, and anyone focused on sustainability, localization, or high-quality food production.

All of our operational checklists, logs and procedures, including daily and weekly tasks, fish stock tracking, vegetable production, emergency protocols and more. The downloadable PDF can be printed and laminated for easy reference on your aquaponic farm.